Student Life

The Goal

Family-Like Atmosphere

Park Meadows Academy strives to provide students with an enjoyable friendly, family-like atmosphere.  Although we work hard to challenge students academically, we also work to balance our schedule to allow students to be involved with events and programs that are fun, interesting, and challenging.  Our goal is to help students enjoy school life while reproducing the mind of Christ in their minds.


Spiritual Emphasis

The goal of the staff is to be a complement to the home- what the home teaches and what the school teaches pulls in the same direction.

"Strong homes; strong children." 


Dress Standards

The Biblical principle underlying all standards of appearance is modesty.  This not only applies to common decency but to the matter of calling undue attention to oneself as well.  The clothing and grooming of our students should be appropriate in the area of modesty.
PMA has a dress code policy for all grades.  Girls are required to wear skirts, dresses, or pants with a collar shirt  and the boys are required to wear a collar shirt and school pants (no blue jeans).  School shoes for the elementary can be casual or a tennis shoe type.
When a student enrolls in PMA, the parents will receive dress code information.


The spiritual growth of our students is of utmost importance. Chapels are filled with life lessons from Biblical characters of the Bible, pledges, memory verses, prayer requests, singing, and Bible drills. School parents are always welcome to come and be part of the chapels.