Academic Philosophy "Have you mastered the subject?"

Developing Sharp Minds
The program of study at PMA is based on a traditional model of education and emphasizes mastery of a subject and not just the completion of assignments. Our students are challenged to excel so they will be better prepared for the future. This philosophy is reflected in our academic standards as well as in the positive response of our students.  PMA uses ABEKA Book Curriculum.  Our teachers are highly qualified.  There is an average of 17 years experience teaching in the classroom.    

Setting a High Standard

Features of our academic program include:

- A strong emphasis in the early grades on the fundamentals of reading, writing, and mathematics.
- A grading scale that is higher than the norm.
- Regularly assigned homework early on in the elementary program.
- Credit requirements that exceed many local schools for graduation.
- All high school students are encouraged to take challenging classes, regardless of their future college plans.

Academic excellence will always be a part of PMA's goal. Whether students go on to professional careers, enter ministry, or raise children at home, the value of learning will have been deeply instilled in them during their formative years at PMA.

PMA is distinctive because we teach the absolute truth of God’s Word through Bible lessons, worship, prayer and integration of biblical principles in all subject areas. Young children are able to develop a simple understanding of God’s love for them through a nurturing environment and our biblical integration, which helps each child grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and others. Children are encouraged to explore, discover, play, observe, and problem solve through our enriched multi-sensory program.
Our program is designed to encourage your child’s growth spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. The PMA K-4 program gives young learners the strategies to learn life and academic skills they will need for a strong foundation in the elementary school years.
4 yr old Kindergarten Program Highlights
Reading Readiness/Phonics
    - Letter Recognition
    - Letter-Sound Correspondence
    - Developmental Writing/Pre-writing Activities
    - Language Development
Math/Number Concepts
    - Basic Addition/Subtraction/Counting
    - Shapes/Sizes
    - Sorting/Classifying/Sequencing
    - Money/Time
Social Science
Explore and discover the wonderful world God made through science experiments and the study of living things. Hands-on is emphasized.
PMA uses ABEKA BOOK Curriculum (Old Testament and New Testament stories) as well as supplements.
Children learn best when they are actively engaged! Development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, organizational skills, creative expression and language abilities are just some of the physical and cognitive benefits to this “Hands-On” approach. Social/emotional benefits include practicing appropriate social roles, learning to take turns and to cooperate, developing self esteem and independence, and allowing students to learn through self-discovery.
The 4 yr old Kindergarten program is held Monday through Friday mornings from 8:00am-12:00pm.   Children must be four years old by September 1st and toilet trained. There is no Pre-K screening.
At Park Meadows Academy, we believe that the primary objective of education is the communication of truth. In order for any education to be effective and valid, it must base its curriculum and its programs on the truth of God’s Word and God’s world.
Our Kindergarten Program provides your child with basic learning principles needed for a solid foundation to last throughout their educational years. We utilize ABEKA BOOK curriculum and a variety of supplemental books and materials along with manipulative toys and games to enrich your child’s learning experience. Kindergarten is also included in the annual Stanford Achievement Testing.
Kindergarten Program Highlights:
Language Arts   
- Phonetic Learning Approach   
- Beginning Writing Skills   
- Speech Development   
- Weekly Library Visits   
-Individual instruction is given when needed to develop certain skills.
- Measurement   
- Classification   
- Sequencing   
- Ordinal Numbers and Number Concepts   
- Beginning Addition and Subtraction   
- Money and Telling Time   
- Manipulatives and Daily Worksheets
Social Studies   
-  Self, Community, State, Country and Global Awareness   
-Weather and Seasons   
- The Five Senses   
- Animals and Their Habitats   
- Plant Life and Environmental Awareness
- Weekly Chapel Services   
- Study of the Love and Goodness of God       
- Recognition of God’s Work and Plan in Our Lives
Art, Music, and Recess (PE)   
- Weekly Art Projects   
- Weekly Music Program   
- Introduction to songs, rhythms and instruments

At Park Meadows Academy, we believe that the primary objective of education is the  communication of truth. In order for any education to be effective and valid, it must base its curriculum and its programs on the truth of God’s Word and God’s world.


Our Elementary Program strives to build the foundations necessary to equip our students to view the world through the truth of Scripture. It provides a safe and challenging environment in which students develop critical foundational skills for learning.

Reading: Phonics is the cornerstone of the school’s reading program so that students can master the all important functions of reading, writing, and comprehension.

Mathematics: In mathematics, students are steeped in math functions so that comprehension
becomes second nature. Teachers in junior and senior high are grateful for the math foundations
that students develop in our Elementary Program.

Social Development: Our philosophy for social development emphasizes learning respect for those in authority and love for fellow classmates.

Spiritual Development: Students are encouraged to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to develop their prayer life with Him.

Additional Programs
    - Physical Education Classes
    - Art Classes
    - Music Classes
    - Private Instrumental Lessons

    - Reading and Language  
    - Math –
    - History  
    - Science  
    - Bible  

Daily and Weekly Activities
    - Prayer and Devotions
    - American Flag/Christian Flag/Bible Pledges
    - Weekly Chapel

Special Events
Hands-on learning experiences are used to reinforce classroom lessons.

At Park Meadows Academy, we believe that the primary objective of education is the communication of truth. In order for any education to be effective and valid, it must base its curriculum and its programs on the truth of God's Word and God's world and must teach the students to view everything through the lens of Scripture.

Our Junior High and High School builds on the foundation established in our elementary program by combining spiritual growth opportunities, challenging academic work, and many enjoyable social activities.

Academic Highlight

  • English- Grammar and Written communication emphasis
  • Mathematics- Basic and Advance classes
  • Science- Basic and Advanced classes
  • History- American, Government, World History and Geography
  • Bible- Daily through chapel and classes
  • PE- Healthy activities and Life skills taught
  • Study Skills- Teach students how to study
  • Electives-Art, Choir, Typing, Speech, and Spanish
  • Growing in Christ-like character
  • Building a solid Academic Foundation
  • Learning to serve others
  • Assuming Personal Responsibility
Curriculum- Abeka (is used for all levels)